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Screwed was my first published story. It draws from my experiences driving Uber in New York City while studying at Miami Ad School. It taps into the complete collapse of the Yellow Cab industry and the guilt of knowing my direct contribution. 

Published in the 2020 New York Public Library Magazine 

Some excerpts:

"Wall Streeters chant the time-is-money mantra but cab drivers live it with every acceleration and lane change. It’s the rawest legal hustle around."

The saying that "the biggest investment you'll make in your life is your home" holds true for most Americans. Medallion owners are the exception. 

"I was looking into the eyes of a man who lost it all. A man so underwater that he’ll be trapped in that [Ford] Escape for life. No means. No end."

If you found that depressing, here are some lighthearted t-shirts. 

They're specifically made for all the Uber drivers out there hustlin'.



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