Americans still believe that Korean-based Hyundai makes an inferior car to Japanese-based Toyota and Honda. Yet, most American haven’t even sat in a Hyundai.

“Surge On” aims to convert thousands of ride-share drivers from Japanese cars to the Hyundai Sonata. This will sit millions of Americans in a Sonata, where they will inadvertently experience its luxurious and spacious interior.

Converting just .05% of U.S. ride-share drivers to a Sonata will put 10,000 Uber and Lyft Sonatas in circulation. And those 10,000 ride-share drivers will go on to give over 30,000,000 rides each year.


Now, that’s a lot more Americans experiencing a Hyundai.


This campaign’s primary audience is ride-share drivers. It uses ride-share lingo that would not be understood by regular drivers.

CW & AD: Max Frankel


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