My name is Max. Please don’t press me for my full name. 


Okay, fine. You’ve cornered me in my own website. It’s Maximilian. Satisfied? 


Yes, I know that I bear a name that peaked during the Roman Empire. Oh, if only I was a 5th century boy, lugging firewood to the hearth, or whatever people did back then. I feel like there was a lot of lugging in those days. 


So, go ahead. Take a shot at dubbing me a new nickname. Fair warning: I’ve heard ‘em all. Max-a-billion. Max-a-trillion. Maxi-pad (nice). Gluteus Maximus (nice). 


Point being, elementary school was pretty sweet. 


Further point being, I learned from a young age to embrace the unusual. If it’s quirky, produces a grin, or shakes the cochlea, I’m into it. (Check out the strictly recreational tab). 


So how about we lug that wood to the hearth and make something a little different?


     - Gluteus